The Platform of The Peace Love and Progress Party (PLP)

Serving The Community


Guided by the new social science, the PLP shall be prejudice-free and serve all of us, humanity. Hierachical elections and NOT general elections will insure that PLP members rise according to their honesty and political ability. We'll participate in general elections only when and where our members constitute the majority of the electorate, and we can win those general elections without selling out the public interest to private interests. After winning a general election in any polity, we shall transform the class and nation state of that polity into a classless and nationless government.

United By A Common Goal


The "Huttner-Orwell Treaty-Amendment," within Dave's Selected Works, outlines the PLP plan for transforming the US state and its principal rivals into model governments, classless, internationalist governments, and for creating a civilized and sustainable world. This consummate work of social science shall transform constitutions, peace treaties between classes and charters for nation-states, into blueprints for a modern, classless and nationless world, a civilized, happy and sustainable world.

Get Involved


Download and read the comprehensive, new social science. FREE PDFs of the books are on the Downloads Page. Share them with your friends and loved ones. Organize a cell of the PLP within your community. Avoid persecution from loveless, homophobic, mindlessly-angry and criminally-inclined Big Brother (latent homosexuals) by keeping your membership secret. As we change people's consciousness, we'll change their behavior. Change enough people and we'll change the world.

About Us


I had to get your attention.

As I said in my essay, "Why I'm Running for President," I've had to do some bragging to get your attention and to overcome censorship. Big Brother is terrified of real social and political change because he associates (they associate) it with removing his (their) mask(s), a Third Mask that hides homosexuality. Homophobia created the Third Mask and began with the Neolithic (Stone Age agriculture) owing to our inept transition to monogamy. Monogamy forces homosexual folks to choose between having love and having children.


What politics must really be about

But social science, politics, government and this website cannot be about me. Neither can they be about you, men, white people or Americans. To be successful, in the long run, these subjects and this website must be about us, all of us, humanity.


Why Reunite the Human family?

All of us, humanity, is the focus needed to reunited humanity into the one virtual and loving family we were in the beginning, when one of our ancestors invented the bow and arrow, and one Homo sapiens woman and two or three Homo sapiens men formed our first autonomous (Homo erectus-free) family, in lion country, somewhere around or upon Lake Victoria. To eliminate our negativity toward one another, stabilize our population, stop global warming and create a sustainable and civilized world; we must extend the Golden Rule to the most important sphere of social life, the sphere of our reproductive competition. That's our basic goal. That is what will reunite the human family and restore the cooperation of our first family. To accomplish this goal, we must also enable everyone to love (i.e. conquer homophobia and legalize group marriages for the folks that need them). We must also cure the people still traumatized by our horrific prehistory of their literal belief in religion (the cartoon versions of our prehistory and basic psychology).